In Kata-kata Bijak on 5 December, 2007 at 5:50 pm

It hurts me to say that our friendship is trying
to go away, but i promise right here today that i will make
this friendship stay.

I love youlike a friend, like a sister and a
mother, but tell me why friendship doesnt want to go no further.

Please dont leave me, please dont go, but my promise to you is this friendship
will grow.

Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but i cannot go on living
in this painful sorrow.

Friendship is not a spoken matter
to carry words that soothe and hurt
leaving traces of bliss and pain.

Friendship is not an emotional saga
to strive hard to gain recognition
to win the heart of another soul.
Friendship is not a mystery
to delve upon for a thesis to be made
just to fulfill an academic quest.

Friendship is not between you and I
to cry and laugh selfishly in equal pattern
ignoring the pain but praising the gains.

Friendship is not a status conscious
to be praised high and placed low
in profit the bliss made, in loss the tears meet.

Friendship is not a business proposal
nor is it an agreement between souls
to share the fruits of burden and bear them equally.

Friendship is but divine
to be cherished in the moments
when wisdom fails us unasked
and stupidity prevails masked! ! .


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